Problemi di Viaggio?

Train Delay

You arrive at the station, you get on the train, you sit and the train leaves for the destination.

You travel but the train begins to slow down until it almost stops: the delay begins. The minutes are multiplied to become hours, you lose time, connections but also money!

You are entitled to:

In the event that the delay has caused damage to your work or other and if this damage is of serious nature, you are entitled not only to the famous 'bonus', but to further compensation for damages.

Some court decisions:

In a recent ruling, the Court approved for the right of consumers to get more than the bonus provided by Trenitalia in case of delays.

One consumer, in fact, had purchased for Euro 520 round-trip tickets London-Paris to go on holiday with his family, but the train reached its destination 5 hours late, without any notice to passengers during the trip - one day lost for a short holiday. On return, the train had no heating, and the passengers faced more than 9 hours of travel, at night, in December and in the cold.

A bonus was paid of Euro 79 and 90, for a total of Euro 169, valid to buy travel tickets within 6 months from the date of issue. Trenitalia, however, was ordered to pay Euro 583.60, of which 520 the cost of the tickets and 63.60 the hotel, in addition to legal fees.

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