Furti e smarrimenti?

Problems with Luggage

Standing in the airport waiting to retrieve luggage; the conveyor belt makes them slide one by one, but yours never comes or maybe it is lost.

If you luggage is lost the law protects you:

What should you do?

The first step is to contact the Lost and Found Office located inside the airport, equipped with your ticket and luggage check receipt to fill out a form reporting the loss or damage to luggage (remember to keep the receipt!).

To obtain the compensation is necessary to send a complaint to the Airline within 21 days in case of DELIVERY DELAY and within 7 days in case of DAMAGE AND/OR TAMPERING.

If within 21 days from the arrival at the airport the luggage is not found, it is officially considered lost. At this point, it is necessary to send a registered letter to the Airline, containing the request for damages for which www.vacanze-rovinate.com di Assoturista can best advise you... because do not believe that the Airlines will pay you the owed compensation without useful advice!

Some court decisions:

The Justice of the Peace for Caserta, in a recent ruling, upheld the claim of two passengers, which on the outward and return flight have suffered the loss of luggage that had been duly delivered at check-in. The discovery and the delayed delivery lasted for the entire holiday, thus the judge ordered the airline to pay Euro 850.00 for each of the two passengers, in addition to the legal costs of proceedings.

The Justice of the Peace for Acireale obliged the airline to pay compensation for damages to property and non-property in favor of a passenger, for one day delayed delivery of checked luggage. The tourist, in fact, due to the delay in delivery of the luggage had to buy basic necessities (e.g. underwear, cosmetics, etc.). Moreover, but he had to delay the continuation of his business trip. Thus, the judge awarded him damages of Euro 700.00 for expenses incurred, in addition to Euro 1,000.00 for the loss of one working day.

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