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Privacy Policy. According to Article 13 of Legislative Decree no.196 of June 30, 2003. Scope and Processing Method.

The data provided will be stored and processed with the guarantees of security and privacy provided by the Legislative Decree no.196 of June 30, 2003, and shall be used only and exclusively for the fulfillment of the task received and for the informative communications sent by WWW.VACANZE-ROVINATE.COM di ASSOTURISTA, in addition to the obligations provided by law. Data processing may be on paper, electronically and automated. The data sent shall not be, under any circumstance, alienated or transferred, in any capacity, to third parties, except with prior written consent of the person concerned.

Nature of data provision

The nature of data provision is optional. Such data is needed, however, for response and tax compliance. In the absence of data provision, it is impossible to carry out any activity on behalf of the applicant. By sending the form, the person concerned approves the processing of data contained therein in the manner already explained in the previous paragraph.

Type of data collected and processed

To access certain areas of the site or to access particular services, you are prompted to optionally, explicitly and voluntarily consent to the introduction of data consisting of alphanumeric characters, which through its elaboration or association with other data may allow the identification of the user. The optional, explicit and voluntary e-mail or other communications sent to the addresses listed on this site involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender address, which is useful in the formulation of an answer or the provision of services, as well as all other personal data entered by the sender in the communication. The user is however encouraged not to provide information containing sensitive data pursuant to Article 4, letter d) of Legislative Decree n.196/03, of its own or of third parties, in particular related to health, without having previously given consent to their processing as provided by law. The computer and electronic systems and the software procedures used for running this website acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of web communication protocols or is useful for better management and optimization of the site (e.g. IP addresses, URLs, domain names, time of requests, file sizes, other parameters relating to the user's operating system). This acquisition, which occurs only for statistical purposes or to monitor the proper functioning of the site, does not have any commercial purposes, it is not intended in any way to the identification of the user and is performed through server-side technologies, managed and administered by the data.

Rights of the person concerned

The person concerned may at any time exercise his/her rights pursuant to Article 7 of Legislative Decree no.196 of June 30, 2003, among which to require the modification, integration, update, confirmation or cancellation of the data stored. These rights can be exercised in the following ways: sending an e-mail to info@vacanze-rovinate.com; sending a registered letter to the address Assoturista - Via Milano 43, 20040 Bellusco (MB).

Owners of processed data and place of data storage

The owner of the processed data is Assoturista via S. M. in Rovezzano 8-10 50136 Florence, where all data are stored. All the material on this site, the electronic communications before receipt and navigation data are stored on the servers of iMove.it located in Via Milano 43, 20040 Bellusco (MB).

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