Incidenti di Viaggio?

Travel Accidents

There was really no need for such an unexpected event! Someone did not comply with all safety rules and ruined my vacation!

This is the law that protects you:

The tour operator is responsible for any damage suffered by the tourist and for incidents caused by poor organization, and even where such deficiencies have occurred during the contracted services to other entities (e.g. agencies of the resort).

Some court decisions:

The Court of Saluzzo, through a recent decision condemned the tour operator who had sold a travel package to a couple, including in the package a boat trip during the holiday resort in the Dominican Republic and, contrary to the provisions in the advertising offer of the purchased travel, the trip to the nearby Saona Island was not ensured by a catamaran, but a simple motor boat. Due to the rough sea conditions, the boat, after the reef barrier, was subject to frightening wave undulations, so that one of the tourists was thrown from his seat, falling violently on the fiberglass seat with no pillow, suffering from an intense pain in the lumbo-sacral region. At the requests of the passengers, the captain of the boat returned to shore, where after some time the ambulance came to take him to the nearest health facility, remaining immobilized for the rest of the holiday. Back home he was diagnosed with a fracture injury to the lumbar vertebra resulting in consequent debilitating sequelae. The Court thus obliged the tour operator to compensate for the physical damages suffered by the tourists, as well as for the damages due to loss of enjoyment of the rest of the holiday.

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